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Wild Mexican Brown Shrimp

Our premium Mexican brown shell-on shrimp are called El Cortez. This shrimp has a golden brown or tan shell that turns coral when cooked. The meat is white and has a rich flavor and firm texture. Brown shrimp tend to be found in deeper waters with higher salinity than the white shrimp. El Cortez spawn year-round but the main harvest occurs in late September through early April. This shrimp screams quality and on the East Coast, can only be found at Lawrence Street Seafood Co.

Canadian Lobster Tails and Meat

Harvested in the cold clean waters of the mouth of the St. Lawrence river by small artisanal boats in the Gaspe Penninsula of Quebec, our lobster tails and meat are harvested, processed, and flash frozen the same day to lock in the freshness of the sea.